FAQs with Bill Miller

North American Hunting Club's Executive Producer, Bill Miller offers his personal advice on hunting big game in Alberta


Fitness Counts

NAHC's Bill Miller always heard of this region of Alberta called the Porcupine Hills. The term "small mountains" would be a lot more accurate. And the unexpected terrain drives home the importance, once again, of getting into shape going into hunting season!

Joys of Horseback Hunting

As long as the riding doesn't catch you by surprise, horseback is a great way to cover ground and get close to game when you're hunting big country like Alberta's Porcupine Hills. NAHC's Executive Director Bill Miller shares some tips on prepping yourself and your gear for your next mounted hunting adventure.


Licenses, itineraries, airline tickets, gun permits and more! Seems like there's more paperwork required every single time we want to go hunting. NAHC's Bill Miller has traveled the world for years and offers some sage advice on managing and organizing.

New Passport Regulations

Seems like the regulations about hunters leaving and getting back in the United States change every week. NAHC's Bill Miller contends it's best to error on the side of "over compliance" rather than getting stuck outside the good ol' USA.

Optics for Big Country

This mule deer hunt with Trophy Hunters Alberta turns out to be one of the most optics intensive hunts NAHC's Bill Miller has ever faced. See what gear he chose in preparation to see everything!

Hunting Rig For Big Mulie Bucks

In Alberta's Porcupine Hills with Trophy Hunters Alberta you're after big mule deer bucks, and the shots could come at maximum ranges. That combination of probabilities has Bill Miller thinking it's time to pack along a .300 Mag., premium ammo and good optics.